Journey to well being.. Healthy gums and teeth

I wish I would have found a Bio Dentist years ago. This is deja vu, for it reminds me of a similar situation about my fitness and health, in which I wish I would have found my husband and his Hystrength (sm) training program years sooner than I did. Finding his training program, well, that is another blog. Anyway, I guess your ready when your ready. That said, even a healthy and fit lifestyle can be compromised with the wrong advice.
I am a very healthy woman. I may be 60 but I am healthier then I was at 25. Having said that, I have been struggling with healing a past trauma to my teeth which happened in my 30's. It has turned into a chronic infection for which there seemed to be no real answers to help me heal it. I lost two front teeth in an accident. After the accident one tooth was turned into a root canal because I had a bit of a tooth left, and the other an implant because the tooth was gone. I have had them both redone twice. The chronic infection is from the root canaled tooth that cannot be saved and cannot be cured with antibiotics. The infected root canal is dangerous because the infection spreads into other areas of the body.
To compound this issue, I have recently discovered I have 11 mercury fillings in my teeth. The mercury is very toxic. There are some informative videos, and also a book on the subject: The Toxic Tooth Book . Anyway the advice the Bio Dentist gave rings true to me. They took quite a few different x-rays from all sides of my jaw. We discussed what was going on for over 2 hours while checking out the x-rays. The Bio Dentist let me know that the mercury and metal expands and shrinks with hot or cold food, causing my teeth to crack . The mercury amalgam fillings also releases a gas every time I eat or drink. This can cause a lot of issues with my energy level, skin, heart and brain. It also causes my gums to fall away from my teeth and are turning red instead of a pink color they should be. The mercury, in addition, is causing dizziness, a chronic cough, low body temperature, headaches, thyroid issues, and antibiotic failure. Additionally, it will keep releasing toxic gas into my system. The root canal will always be infected, and because of the infection I have bone loss around the root canal and implant. I also have a titanium rod to hold my implant, which is itself toxic. I knew about the metal rod but I did not know the drawbacks. Apparently, the titanium attracts bacteria, even with good hygiene. Thus, I am looking into getting all the metal in my mouth removed. I believe then the trauma will finally heal. I will then need to get two new implants.
I must say It wasn't like I ignored the problem. I had regular dental visits and payed for the suggested remedies, all without benefit of dental insurance. Paying out of pocket actually made me even more focused on what I could do prevent this, and, of course, regular cleanings and x-rays are part of my plan. I do believe that doing these things did keep the inflammation and any pain at bay, but none of these protocols stopped the continual damage to my teeth. I have been to many expert dentists, orthodontists, and periodontists over the last few years. These experts, that I went back and forth to, would blame each other for not fixing the problem, and they would send me to yet other specialists trained in traditional dental medicine.
After reading many articles about teeth health on the Westen a Price Foundation site (he was a dentist that visited many tribes that were not influenced by western medicine, and found they all had healthy teeth and no western related diseases such as cancer or diabetes. It is a very fascinating site to read), I discovered that the root canal mercury fillings and/ or the metal post might be an issue with my teeth. I have learned from the bio dentist that most dentists in the USA practice and are trained to reduce the pain with antibiotics, fillings, root canals, and saving a dead tooth but not pulling teeth. If they do pull a tooth the cavitations are usually not cleaned out well which cause more issues. The bio dentist has a different healing paradigm. instead the focus is on the tooth in pain as the beginning of a health issue with the body as a whole, and believes that the teeth can heal themselves given the right mouth and body environment. If you cover up the pain, the issue will show up some where else in the body such as, in my case, the bone loss in my jaw.

I then had an appointment with the bio dentist hygienist. It was so amazing and it felt so good. The plaque on my teeth was cleaned with sound waves. Ozone gas was used on my sore gums, she cleaned my teeth with a non fluoride tooth paste and gave me this mixture of olive oil and ozone to cover my infected area. Wow. My mouth hasn't felt that good in years.
As an anti-aging and wellness health expert, personal trainer and co-owner urban pump personal training studio, I advise about and diligently practice many natural wellness remedies in healing and maintaining a strong body and mind. I get sunshine everyday for my natural dose of vitamin D. I cut out fluoride because it is toxic. I use a mixture of CBD oil, cloves, olive oil, frankincense, apple cider vinegar, salt and mix them together for a mouth rinse. I use an electric toothbrush and water pick so I can get a deeper cleaning under my gums. I get my teeth cleaned every 4 months. I work out 2 times a week strength training, which is good for everything including bone mass . I don't take supplements. I just follow a low carb high fat diet from Hystrength Nutrition Plan which is basically a Paleo/Keto nutrition plan. I include raw milk and cheeses. I practice intermittent fasting and I usually get 8-9 hours sleep. I have very little stress and practice mindfulness to minimize what stress I do have, and I take no medications.
A true Biological Dentist is a rare find. Honestly, I am surprised that I one. I am grateful that he close to Denver, my home town. It takes real skill to dispose of the Mercury fillings safely for the patient and environment. This can only be done by a true biological dentist. There are some dentist that say they will do it but it can be dangerous.
Before the dentist disposes of the mercury fillings in my teeth and the infected root canal with the dead tooth and the titanium post, I am supposed to take a dk3.k2 complex supplement and Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C to get my bone to regenerate and heal in my jaw. He also recommended, which I love is Ozone Olive Healing Gel. It feels really soothing on my sore. I can get these from Bio Vital, also located in Denver. Only after all these metals and the infection are removed, I will then get 2 new posts. Did I mention this issue is the affects front top teeth? I will need a flipper partial denture, I may have to wear for a year before my bone heals enough to put the posts in. 

I see and feel it healed, I will keep you posted. Another journey to wellness begins.
Update: at this time December 2019  it seems I have healed my infection been working on healing.. with vitamin d c and cbd oil, keto and  paleo diet for 4 months now
I  only need the mercury amalgam filings out ....