Appreciation and Love for you Daddy

With Appreciation and Love for you Daddy.

For dads funeral, the minister asked my Siblings and I to think about what our Father's legacy was to each of us. That was a tough one for me. When I thought about it, I could come up with all kinds of ways that my brothers and sister were like him. But me? I was so different from my Dad. We held different views on religion, he is Christian whereas I am very spiritual and enjoy so many aspects of other religions. Politically, too, we are very different.  He is liberal and  I am a libertarian. He loved his work and the people he was serving, and was always busy and absent from us often...usually in Africa
. When he was home he was always studying or writing in his office. I love my work, I believe, just as much as he did, but my wants and needs are to spend time with my family above others. For example its important for me to take a special day every week to play with my grandchildren in Colorado. My Grandson and daughter in Washington I fly out every 3 or 4 months for a long weekend visit. I do it for me, really, but it does give my children a break. 
Daddy and I often argued. He didn't get me, and I didn't get him. But he always listened to me, I not so much to him. But later on when my Mother was ill, I saw the great love, time and care he took to help her through. It crushed him when she passed on. After some time, he bravely got back on his feet and remarried a beautiful lady that seemed more like his kindred spirit then my mom. They made each other very happy in their last years of life. Just like with my mom, he had to have the courage to take care of her as she got gravely ill.
He loved greatly. I sadly missed this aspect  of him when I was younger. 
When he moved from Colorado to Santa Fe New Mexico towards the end of his life, it brought out something vulnerable in both of us. 
We had many slow walks and interesting talks. We went to shows and operas and out for wine. He loved to treat me to the finer things in Santa Fe. I guess he knew I was a lot like my Mother...a bit of a princess and he was being supportive. One time he told me he wished he could have or would have done those finer things for my mom. We still argued and disagreed on politics, but there was a closeness I never felt before. I watched him really enjoy his great  grandchildren when they were around. I laughed and watched him hoot and holler with my husband for those darn Denver Broncos and his college team Michigan. He was always gracious hosting my family and I every time we went to Santa Fe. He was very interested in my life and my children's life and what was new. Recently I found a very special sketch book he had drawn in with my daughter when she was only 9. I had no idea that he sketched, let alone spent that kind of time with her. His time with his grandchildren must have been special, although to me during our visits he seemed preoccupied with his writing. 
At the end of the day, I would say that my legacy from my Dad is my love of Family. I passionately love my husband, my children, bonus children and grand children.Time is love.
Or perhaps his wide range of love for music from folk, classical, to opera. I love hard rock, country and opera. I am a bit of a rebel in regards to my work, it's cutting edge as his work was with political science and Africa. I am an artist of sorts, and surprisingly he was too. Of course, there is the hat fetish. I have a million hats he had a million hats, some of which are mine now. The best gift/legacy UK he gave me was his love of exercise. Taking care of the body was important to him, and I believe it is a big reason that I am in the fitness industry with my husband.   
I love you daddy