Goal Digger

Goal Digger

I have been having similar chats with many women friends and clients lately about such topics as:

  • lifestyle
  • health
  • empowerment
  • strength
  • wealth
  • abundance
  • femininity
  • desires
  • dreams
  • hormones
  • relationships
  • fat burning
  • and goal setting among many others

I ask each of them: what nourishes you to reach your desire or goals? What is your biggest why right now? I always get a different answer. Answers like passion, vision, fear of failure, family and so on. Mine is curiosity. I am always asking my self what if? I also ask others that have achieved what I desire for advice, for me the best way to achieve the goals I want is to follow the footsteps of others who have achieved them.

I thought this would be a great opportunity to ask you some questions on this blog. We could support each other and throw out ideas. Brain storm. 

I love stories ...how did you or will you obtain this goal? Was this a goal? Maybe you just wound up here? If so, are you happy with your position? what is your why?
 Every month I will put out a new health wellness topic ..let you know my thoughts then I would appreciate yours. . answer in the comments below
Sharon  💪