Why do we give up on the things that nourish us when our in box gets full?

   A client and I were discussing recently why it seems that a lot of people give up on the things that nourish them the most when life gets exhausting and overwhelming. If you use the definition of success as a high powered, high paying and influential career, she most certainly is one of the most successful people I know. For her, however, it goes deeper. She not only works hard and has that successful career, she is about the only person I know of who is successful and has good balance in her life. She dedicates time in her life to maintaining her health, gets plenty of sleep, and spends quality time with her friends and family. I have great admiration in who she is and her approach to life.

    She told me that by not overlooking  health, friends, and family, she has much more energy and passion for her career. She does not burn out. As a matter of fact, it was her birthday on the day we had the conversation and she was doing her workout with me...at six in the morning! As she was working out, she told me "What a perfect way to start the day. I would not miss my workout. It helps me manage my life".

    How about that for dedication...motivation...and clarity for what is important in life.

    My experience is different. For most of my life I used to be a worrier with a bit of depression and bouts of anxiety. I was always exhausted. I was burnt out. About 10 years ago I made the decision that I wanted to be happier and healthier. I wanted a better lifestyle. I wanted to enjoy life again.

    I figured that the best way for me to make the changes,Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts for insights for self-love and building great relationships. She is  forward thinking with building relationships with the men or partners in ones  life, and I also like and pay attention to Marie Forleo and her business school website.. Of course, I also follow my husbands advice and insights when it comes to health and fitness. His program can be found here: HYSTRENGTH (sm).

To have what I desired,  I would need to find mentors who embodied what I wanted. I have worked with a couple spiritual coaches who helped me with meditation and inner work, I regularly go to. I went to actually visit Mama Gena School of Womenly Arts in Miami November 2015.

    The commitment worked. I am far less stressed now, nor do I have low energy levels like I used to have. Setting aside time for my workouts, meditation, pamper time for myself, and time for my family has made a big difference in how I feel and how productive I am. I do still struggle with getting enough sleep. I am a night owl and my clients have me up at the crack of dawn, and I have not quite figured out how to work that one yet...but I will.

   Looking at the behavior of most successful people, the impression I draw from them is that to be successful, one must work long hours with the main goal of making money and influencing others. Other than the mentors I searched and follow, the theme of finding time for oneself in the context of pursuing success is of secondary concern. I find it surprising that so few business leaders understand this life changing concept.

  I recently read a book called Thrive by Ariana Huffington. In it she states "Often, the very first things we give up are those that nourish us the most" Yes! Finally there is a successful well known person redefining success in the manner I think is indispensable for a rewarding life. She also hosts the Third Metric Conference Redefining Success beyond Money and Power. If you want to know more, click here. She calls taking time for your own well being along the the pursuit of business success the third metric. This, I think, is a good idea.
This is a photo of me at 55 years of age.
I feel young, energetic and fulfilled
by following the steps I outline.
Photo by Samantha Randall. 

    I stress the importance of this to many of my friends and clients. A good friend of mine told me recently "thank you for telling me I need to make time for myself...some me time". She too, is a very successful business woman who has amazing relationships with family and friends. I believe it is in part due to my prompting her not not neglect that portion of her life the whole time I knew her. It is easy to forget these things.

   As a coach, fitness trainer, and co-owner of two businesses, I hear a lot of excuses from people who hire me to help them make changes in their lives:

  • I am too exhausted.
  • I just can't make it today.
  • When I have more income to put towards my workouts, I'll do it.
  • It's too far.
  • I have no time for training.
  • I have to eat out all of the time because I have no time to cook.
  • I just can't stop eating my favorite food.
  • I have too much in my inbox (this is a biggie for me sometimes. I get overwhelmed by it...but my husband always reminds me that the inbox never gets empty, so don't dwell on it).
  • and so on.    

    My busy life has changed immensely for the better ever since I made the choice that no matter what, I will make spending time with my loved ones and pampering myself a priority in life. I currently make additional time to take care of my Grandchildren two days a week and I have started a active clothing retail space in urban pump.

    I urge you to try it and see how you feel!

Let me know if you have any insights or dicoveries in this idea!

Thank you all for all your support