Pivot is an interesting word. In this context, it means 'How are you going to change your business to get back on track when all of our business is lost in one week?" Going a bit deeper, my question is "How are we going to be a bridge to wellness again to our friends and clients?"

All gyms were ordered to close two weeks ago because they were considered to be non essential. Really? At first we thought we had a chance of survival because the Urban Pump business model is a small private studio out of  our home. One client, one trainer. Very Private and clean. We wipe down the equipment with bleach after every client, and the gym gets a deep cleaning once a week. Furthermore, we adjusted the exercise program to practice social distancing. No go. We still lost 70% of our business, and when the stay at home announcement came out last Monday, we just flat-lined. This is a story that evidently is not unique to us. Many small businesses suffered the same fate, and we feel for them too.

We have talked to may people regarding ideas how keep our business going through these trying times, and one of the main ideas expressed to us is to hold group classes online through a web app such as zoom. This seems reasonable, and I have no doubt many fitness trainers will use such an approach. However, our business model has always been focused  on a customized approach for the individual, so having many people in one online room, we suspect, would not be appealing to our clients. Nor would we be able to focus on all of them to the degree that we feel is necessary for great results. Our demographic is busy professionals and clients with post rehab issues that need specific exercise instruction, so the individual attention is very important to them. 

Back to the pivot: There are three ways we figure that we can offer our services and insights in a way that can maintain proper social distancing...and still have a customized, individual approach. One way is with online training. We have been doing remote training like this for over three years now as a compliment to our personal training sessions. It is an app that anybody can download to the phone, and he or she can bring up the workouts that we design. It has been a wonderful tool for use with clients that travel often and need workouts to do on the road, as well as for many of our clients who see us maybe once a week and would like us to create workouts for them to do a couple of times a week in their own gym. The app is so versatile that we can even design home workouts based on the equipment they have. When the workout program is brought up, the client sees what the exercises are, what order to perform them in, the weights, sets, and reps to strive for, and there is even a mini video description on every exercise. It is a well developed software program, and we love using it. The price is about $10. a session.

A new option  is curb side workouts. Gregg and I will personally come to your curbside or park and bring some equipment, or you can use your weights and bands. We will wipe down all equipment and wear gloves. You may also come to our curbside or park. We have a beautiful park 1 block away that would be perfect. There would be  lots of room so one does not have to get to close. We will be taking videos of these new workouts with permission to be posted soon or posted live FB and Instagram.

Even though we feel that group workouts via a webcam does not suit our style, we do like to do online personal training sessions with either Skype or Facebook. We have used those in the past with great success, and we are bringing that option back. 

I am also offering a nutrition consult with the foods available in this crazy time.  We still need to healthy eating, no? 

We are offering the first Skype or curbside for free. Give it a try. See if it works for you. These options for a workout would really help us right now because they would be the same cost as a one on one training in the gym.

Gregg always offered a free phone session to answer any questions about program design and any other health and fitness questions. That is still available.

Oh, and the franchise opportunity is still a go. Feel free to inquire about that.

Yours truly,

Sharon Hoffman