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Don't allow anyone to lead you to believe what doesn't feel good down to your toes...
Today is my sixtieth birthday. How am l managing? I feel more in tune with who l really am now more than ever. Here are some reflections of my life.
I am restarting my fitness blog at age 60. It will be "new and improved', for I have much to say. Do stay tuned for that.
I learned not to be what I'm not. There were so many should and shouldn'ts from the well meaning. Let me tell you a little of my story. I was a graphic art and floral artist when I first got out of school 1982. I worked my business from home with my babies. Some one told me I should be working outside my home because you can't make any money being a mom working from home. I was also told I shouldn't be an artist any more because it wasn't good enough to pay the bills. Truth be told, I did really well doing exactly that until 9/11. I did lose that business I was passionate about from the ensuing recession, and I was depressed. A friend told me I could make good money as a real estate agent, so I tried being a realtor. Even though I made a decent living from it, the career did not feel right for me. Then I found at age 47, Gregg Anthony Hoffman, and his Hystrength Training Program. He asked me if I would like to be a personal trainer. I was struggling with losing my menopot and cellulite and I was working out constantly, so I was a little hesitant...but it felt right. Well you know the rest.
Anyways, here are examples of should and shouldn'ts expressed to me over the years that I let go because they just didn't sit right:
You can't make any money doing that.
You should stay in that relationship because____.
Aren't you ___years old? You shouldn't be posing for your web site. I actually had a girl friend tell me that.. aaa... no longer a friend. She also said we should hire some one younger to model for our site, and it doesn't matter if they use your program or not. Just hire a young model. Really??
You shouldn't show your abs on a side walk sign. My kids will see it (this was a complaint from some neighbors).
I had a marketing adviser tell me the photos I wanted to use were too revealing, and that Gregg and I should be wearing baggy ts and shorts... and use canned photos. We were told our marketing would be offensive. I did not hire them.
I shouldn't be lifting that much weight. Leg Press or doing Bar Bell Squats with crazy heavy weight. I was too old and I would hurt something.
You should do more cardio.
I was over 50... so I couldn't be a fitness model or trainer.
I should be eating more fruit and taking supplements.
You need to go to the doctor for ____ get this test. Etc..
I should use this ___on my skin or I'm going to get crepe skin.
You are too old to ride a motorcycle. 

You get the idea. I follow what feels amazing. Always. thank you instagram @KRCreations for the lingerie @hadimizban @denizbilgen