Simply Wonderful Transformation

    I wrote a post  a few months about my experience having a face lift. I promised that I would catch you all up on the results, and so here is my post. The main reason that I made the decision to go under the knife for my face was because my body went through an amazing transformation when I started training with my husband. As many of you may know, he is a personal trainer that created an exercise program so effective that two 30 minute workouts a week are all that is needed for great results (click HERE for more information).

    I started the workout program when I was 47, and at 55 years old I look better than I did in my 30's. My face, on the other hand, looked old. I used to be brutal to my skin when I was younger. I worked as a life guard for a few summers exposing my skin to excessive sun, and I made it even worse when I would sit on my roof to tan using baby oil instead of sunblock. Yikes! I paid the price. My face looked older than it's years, and so there was mismatch between my face and body. My cheeks were sunken, I had big bags under my eyes and my neck skin was very lose. I tried botox, fillers, facial creams, facials, and a whole host of other, less invasive options to look younger. They helped, but I was still losing the battle.

    Surgery was clearly the only answer at this juncture, so I had my face lift.

    I was very excited the day I went in for my surgery, for I was looking forward to my new look. I did not realize how intense the surgery was going to be, or how long it would take to recover. I really believed that my face would be almost healed by the time I would come home. How wrong I was. My face was badly bruised, and it hurt a lot! My husband, the brave soul, kept a good game face on when he saw me, but later on he admitted to me how shocked he was. He even wondered at the time if it was a good idea. What an amazing trooper that is love!

    The first week after the surgery was the hardest. I could not eat much, I was tired all the time, and just felt awful. I could not get comfortable at all. Over time, though, I started feeling better, and the swelling slowly went away. I still had a good amount of bruising and swelling when it was time to fly home, and I did not want my clients to see me when we got back, so Gregg trained everybody for a couple more weeks, before I went back to work. It was challenging emotionally because I still looked like I was not really improving. Luckily, I have a friend who had a face lift who comforted me. She said that every day you will get better, than one day you will forget you had the surgery. This turned out to be true. I did get better...slowly...every day, until I just forgot I ever had the procedure. It was a "new me". It did take a good 6 months to feel and look was healed. I actually think it still gets firmer and better  everyday.

This is a photo of me after I had my face lift at 55 years of age.
Photo by Samantha Randall.
   I now have a youthful looking face that matches my youthful looking body. I not only look fit, but I feel fit throughout, and I feel like I can, and will be, fit for life.

    I feel amazing. I feel blessed.

    I want to share this information to everybody.

    If you want the information on the Surgeon and the wonderful recovery nurse I used in Bogata, Columbia, I will be happy to share them. Email me at Check out my blog one step closer. 

My after photos are by Samantha Randall Photography

In the photos on the left, you can see how by getting lean my face looked droopy. 

      This is me before                                                   and this is me after the surgery.                        


  1. I was exceptionally energized the day I went in for my surgery, for I was anticipating my new look. I didn't understand how exceptional the surgery was going to be, or to what extent it would take to recoup. personal running coach london

  2. Yes it does take along time to recoup are you still pleased? How long ago was it?

  3. It's great to see you very much satisfied with the results of the procedure. I agree that being a life guard can cause a lot of damage to the skin, especially since you're routinely exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. The first week really is the hardest, as that's the time your body adjusts. Once you're through that, though, it gets easier. Take care!

    Michelle Anderson @ Dr. Davis Nguyen, MD

  4. Sharon,
    Apologies if this post repeats, my computer is acting up!
    I loved your honest post about your plastic surgery. How refreshing!! Yes, getting lean can affect the face. How long ago did you have your surgery? You look fantastic!! ~ Michelle Kodis


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