When will my abs show? When will my butt be round?

When will my abs show? When will my butt be round? When will my cellulite go away? When will my arms look like _ _ _? I want toned legs. How long will it take for me to lose x amount of weight? Is there an exercise I can do to tighten this area?  If I exercise every day, will I see results faster? Cardio doesn't seem to work anymore, do you think I should still do it? After working with you and Gregg for awhile, I haven't seen the results fast enough, so I added running, and now I look more toned. I guess cardio must be the answer after all. How can I give up soda, cake, beer, pasta?

I get these questions, and misunderstandings all the time from my clients. It seems to happen around the second month they start working with me. The truth is, it is easier...and harder then you think to get to that particular health goal or body definition.

It is easier because most exercise programs have you dedicate many hours a week to strength training, cardio work, and some sort of stretching program, when, in reality, you only need to commit twenty to thirty minutes per workout 2 to 3 times week. That's it. Any more time than that is simply overkill. You can free up much more time to spend with family, friends, and career. It is easier because if you do enjoy cardio such as biking, you can do it for enjoyment only. You do not need to do that run today if you don't feel like it, or those 12 million sit ups you are told you need to do to see ripped abs, or go to spin class at 5am. Uggh exhausting! I know this because I did all that years ago, to no avail (I wrote about my experience in a previous blog). Yet, it is harder because you do need to show up for those HYSTRENGTH (sm) workouts consistently, with all aspects of your being: physically, emotionally, and with focus and intention. It is hard because the workouts are intense and very challenging, pushing you beyond your comfort zone. It is hard because you need to change your lifestyle to include those workouts...no matter what. I repeat...no matter what! It is harder because the foods you eat and enjoy will have to change, both at home and eating out. If you want the goal of health and a fit, attractive body, you must be accountable to yourself above your desires. This, admittedly, is very hard, and mostly my women clients seem to struggle with making these changes.

Your abs will show. Your butt will be round. Your cellulite will go away, and your arms will be toned with time and dedication to the HYSTRENGTH (sm) program. Do not concern your self with how much you weigh. You will lose fat and inches, and your weight will change the way it is supposed to. Your body will even out. Understand that fat loss happens from the outer extremities first, and then works it's way towards the mid section. You will lose fat first around your face, hands, and feet before you see fat loss around your hips, stomach and thighs. Even though it sucks, you put fat on the mid section first, then the outer extremities, but it is the opposite coming off. That is the main reason defined abs are so coveted. To get them means a long and strong commitment to proper exercise and diet. Contrary to conventional wisdom, cardio training that you feel you need to incorporate into your routine is not what is getting you toned. It is the time and your devotion to eating right and showing up for your work outs. You have become stronger and gain muscle tone. Be aware of how much cardio you do, for if you do too much cardio, you will get into an over-trained state and the energy you use for your cardio workouts will rob you of your hard earned muscle gain. One of the toughest answers I give is to the question: How do you give up certain foods? I tell them you give them up because you have a health goal and  those foods are making your body sick. A good trick is to substitute something else healthy with fewer calories or better nutrition content that still tastes good for that item, and always have good foods around so when your hungry you can eat those instead of  the item you want to give up. Some foods are just meant to be eaten rarely or not at all, generally the ones high in sugar or chemicals. As we age our body's reveal what we have eaten. We are either healthy and have vibrant skin, hair, body, mind and able a to maintain a comfortable weight, or we are tired, stressed, sick, depressed and overweight as we age. There really is a choice, and yes, you can change your body.


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