How do I fight cellulite? This is the most common question I am asked by my female clients. They want  to know the exercises that they can do directly to the problem area to get rid of it. They are under the misconception that they can "spot train" to get reduce the look of cellulite. That is a myth. Spot training will not reduce or get rid of cellulite. It is diet and exercise consistency...and a little visualization that will get rid of cellulite.
Here are some interesting writings I found on cellulite that I thought I would share:

And of course, what we all dread...Cellulite

Cellulite is largely a genetically predisposed condition, is occurs as these fat cells swell and the surrounding fibrous tissue changes in texture, causing a pulling effect and giving the skin a dimpled look. Cellulite can occur in many places but is most common on the thighs and buttocks. Since the fat is in the deepest layer of the skin, it is very difficult to penetrate to this level in a living organism. From a medical point of view, cellulite is nothing to worry about.
Interestingly, the term cellulite is not listed in medical dictionaries or health advice services such as NHS Direct.

In regards to cellulite, Dr Mark Porter says:

 'despite the miraculous cures you read about, the only reliable way to get rid of cellulite is a combination of diet and exercise aimed at total body fat reduction - it’s impossible to spot reduce using diet and exercise. I know some books and videos claim otherwise but that doesn’t mean it’s true. Sorry!'

He also mentions the importance of self image:

The value of an enhanced self-image is difficult to over-estimate - and the role of beautiful skin is very important to achieving it. Daily care for the body - with the same dedication many women apply to their face - can produce a more youthful, smooth and supple effect.

One final thought I like to quote from him: 

Yes, stress also contributes to cellulite. Anything that stops the body from functioning on a balanced level will contribute to cellulite as well as poor circulation and constipation. So learn to let go of problems that you cannot change and try to relax more, consider taking up relaxation classes if you find it hard to relax yourself. It is very important to find a balance lifestyle with a good sleeping pattern.

At age 47, I had a lot of cellulite on my upper legs, butt and stomach when I first started training with Gregg. I thought it was too late for me to get rid of It. I thought I was too old,or it was hereditary, or because I had given birth to two children that I couldn't lose it.

However, I succeeded in getting rid of all the cellulite! It took in 2 years to lose it around my buttocks, and about 4 years to loose it around my stomach, but I was able to do it. How? First I had to  visualize what I wanted. Then I had to get educated on how to do it, and then I had to find a great training program and stay with it. 

I have been remarkably successful with Gregg's HYSTRENGTH(sm) training program. Before I explain the details of how I personally did it, I'll let Gregg explain the physiology behind cellulite and how to lose it:

Cellulite is no different than ordinary subcutaneous fat. It is, still, simply fat. It has no special chemical makeup, nor are there "toxins" that cause the dimply effect. The reason why women get that dimply look is because of estrogen.This hormone causes the skin on women to be thinner than that of men. To make matters worse, estrogen makes the collagen fibers break down. Fat gets pushed through them which causes that cottage cheese look. You will notice that this is mostly around the buttocks and the back of the upper legs, but as one gets fatter, it can spread to other pats of the body. 
My remedy is simple: train hard with weights and eat a healthy diet that generates fat loss (in large part, this means a mild calorie restricted diet: i.e., if you burn 1,800 calories a day, then eat 1,500 calories a day). The reason I think strength training is important is because one needs to build muscle and lose fat to get the skin to "fit" tighter around the muscle, giving a smooth, defined look. I am not talking light weights and lots of repetitions. I am talking about heavier weights and working to fatigue. This stimulates the fast twitch fibers to grow, which creates the defined look. If one just dieted and did aerobic training, for example, one could get leaner, but there would be no muscle to tighten the skin. The dimply look would still be there.    

So my plan was exactly that. I trained hard three days a week, a la HYSTRENGTH(sm), and a change in my diet...a big change. I used to eat things like a granola bar with a piece of fruit for breakfast, and coffee with a lot of cream and honey (believe it or not, this was very calorie dense and low nutrient quality). For lunch, I would either go out to a restaurant (big meals...lots of calories), or I would just skip it altogether. For snacks at the office, I would eat m&m's. The dinner would consist of salad with chicken and fruit, soup, and wine to drink. Then for a late night snack, I would eat popcorn with oil and lot's of butter (ouch!!). Now I eat more fruits and vegetables and I learned how to be more mindful of calories and a simple balanced diet. No more junk food or processed food, along with cutting down cut down on sweets and alcohol. I have lowered my stress level too. I am sure this made an impact as well. 

Did I really get rid of my cellulite? Take a look for yourself:

I can tell you from personal can be done.

Visualize...and commit!